Monday, May 05, 2008


Hey friends and family,
The Mason family is in Texas for the week! We are here for Shelby's wedding and are having lots of fun. We started our trip on Friday and arrived yesterday. We broke up the drive by stopping in Memphis! It was fun to see old friends and eat at some of our favorited old spots. Miles did amazing in the car, he is quite the traveler. I think we will be going on some more road trips! Stay tuned for pics from our trip! Congrats Shelby and Charlie, we are so excited to be here for the big day!!!!!!


Amanda said...

Let me know if y'all hit Houston on your trip! We wouuld love to see you and meet Miles!

HaY LeY said...

Yea!!! I can finally post comments on ya'lls blog! lol! :) Miles is the cutest little thang ever!! I can't wait to get me one of those!!
see you on Friday!

Clint Hime said...

I'm coming to the woodlands this weekend corey. Are you gonna be there?