Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Life in Alaska

Wow, it has been a while, and I finally feel like life is somewhat normal again, which means I feel the freedom to blog. Life has changed so much for the Masons over the past 3 months. Change is so hard, but this change is proving to be really good for our family. We moved to Anchorage on December, 29th. I will always remember this because it is our anniversary. We quickly found a really great place to live with an amazing few of the mountains and ocean. Our view will never get old. We are starting to get into a routine which consists mostly of getting creative "at home" with the boys. Having two kids is a lot harder than just one. We are starting to realize we would much rather spend the night at home then try to brave it out with 2 young boys. We are starting to learn our way around town and of course I am always on the look out for new "treat places".

Miles is growing up so fast and truly is such a joy. He is talking up a storm and is really starting to understand everything we say. We really have to be careful with our words because he will copy everything we say including....ohh shoot! It's too funny. Miles has gotten really into reading. I think he would be happy if I just read to him all day every day. He has his favorites but is constantly adding new books into the mix. He also loves helping me cook. Anytime he sees me starting to cook a meal whether it be breakfast or dinner he runs for his stool and says "I wanna help mommy". I love it. He is a really good helper. In other news he is starting to be quite feisty with his little brother. I can't leave the two alone because Miles is very possessive of all of "his" toys and will very quickly let Salem know when something is his! I feel like I am just refereeing all day. Miles loves to play with Salem but at this stage he is bit rough and aggressive. I hope this stage will pass sooner than later. Everyday I must choose my battles!

Salem is 8 months old and is still my little baby. He still feels so young to me even-though he is fastly approaching one! I can't believe he will be one in 4 months. Actually I can, seeing how fast the months go by now. Salem is getting around everywhere. He is an accomplished crawler and is pulling up on everything. He is still waking up at night, and that is another story, but as far as I'm concerned he is my last so I can handle it for a bit longer. He is a great napper which makes for a nice daytime routine!

Corey is really liking his new job and is loving "going" to work again. He is gearing up for the season and starting slowly to meet with clients and preparing bids. I am really loving being at home with Miles and Salem and am thankful that I get the opportunity to do this. Life goes by so fast and the boys will only be little for so long. I am thankful that I get to be by their side right here and now. It's the little things that make it so worth it! So, I will leave you with a few of our favorite Alaska spots and what we are into these days! Many many blessings from the Masons

some of my favorite spots:
our favorite music right now: the xx.....miles loves the drums, you should see him dance when we put it on

I realize that most of you have seen these pictures, I am really going to try to start taking pictures everyday so that I can post more! Stay tuned!