Friday, August 07, 2009

Finally something new!

Hello friends and family,
I am so sorry that this blog has been so neglected lately... you can imagine why! I finally feel like life is a little back to normal and things are starting to slow down a little. We have had such a fun summer! Corey just returned from a 2 week trip to Alaska. He was working up there for his old boss in Anchorage. We missed him a lot but somehow managed without him. My mom and dad were here to help so that made the load a lot easier. Both Salem and Miles are growing like weeds, literally! Miles is talking up a storm which is a lot of fun even though his favorite word is NO! I think someday soon he will learn that he doesn't have to say NO to everything! Salem is almost 2 mo. old and is already weighing in at 11 pounds! He is a bruiser and quite a cute bruiser indeed! He is starting to coo and smile which makes motherhood so worth it! Well, Salem will officially be 2 mo. old this coming week so I will post his official stats once we have his checkup! For now I will leave you with pics! Cheers!