Friday, May 16, 2008

New Work

Thought I would share this drawing that I finished last night. The quality of the image is really bad cause I took the photo using my laptop but it should give you a good idea...Shelley has our camera. There's a lot of things I would change but I'm pretty happy with it. The image is pencil and watercolor on india paper. It's 22" x 30" which is larger than anything I have ever attempted before. As I developed the pencil work it sort of turned into a self portrait.


P & J Ragain said...

Wow Corey... just... wow.
Oh, and it was so great to see Mr. Miles Mason! He is a pretty great little guy.

Scooter Girl said...

simply amazing, continue to let people see glimpes of what I know about are an artist! Keep drawing! The Montford Art Show needs YOU! P.

p.s. Please draw me a pic of MM !

bob swan said...

Hey Corey,

Most certainly one of Americas young up and coming artist...what a wonderful gift you have son-in-law. Keep it up and maybe one day you can trade that scooter of yours in for a Vespa!

Carl said...

That is outstanding! I like the pictures of people best. You are amazing!! Keep it up!


The Stephens Crew Entails: said...

I didn't know people were that talented in NOrth CArolina... guess I was wrong:) Amazing though, really :) miss you guys