Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yesterday Miles and I made the trip to Boone to do my well overdue 6 week checkup (miles is now 11 weeks)! It was such a memorable day as I got to see my midwife and doula. It was so great going into her office and not having a big ol' belly, but instead having a precious baby boy! It brought back a lot of memories! I love my midwife, she makes me want to be a midwife. She is so real and always asks me questions about life and how things are going. I don't know, she's just special and I love her because I've never had that kind of experience in the medical world. Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know what's been going on. Today we have mommy and me yoga, which I love! It's such a fun outlet and all the babies in the class are around Miles's age, what fun. Stay tuned for pics of me, Miles and Carrington (my midwife)!

p.s. I'm healthy, Miles is healthy, cheers to having more babies!


Alison said...

Oh, and in my excitement I forgot to tell you how adorable Miles is--I've so enjoyed all the pics you've sent us! He is a beautiful boy and I see both of you in him.:)

Bryan Rosner of BioMed Publishing Group said...

Corey, looking good! Glad everything is working out well for you. Baby Mason looks awesome.

I need to get pics of Judah up on the net.

Bryan Rosner