Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone,
love, miles


Scooter Girl said...

Hello sweet boy! You are my sunshine!!! I love you, GN

the_wells said...

love the 7th generation diapers...we tried those out for a while...if we have a boy, we will def be using those!! yall look so great!

olivia and henry said...

shelley, miles is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! i love his little face, beautiful skin and gorgeous blue eyes! what a HANDSOME little guy!

Melinda said...

Hey Shelley, I have enjoyed so much looking at your blog and seeing how adorable Miles is. I especially love the videos where he talks to you. How precious!!!
I'm sorry we didn't get to see him over Christmas, but hopefully you will be at Sherian's again soon and we can see him. She mentioned that you might come down to make cookies one day. That would be fun!!! Glad work went well for you last week.
I can't wait to hold that sweet little boy.
Love, Melinda
PS We celebrated Adelaide's 19th birthday this past week and she loved watching the video too.

Alison said...

Hey girl! It is so good to hear from you! And thank you for posting on my blog--I am getting so bad about updating it; Ava is into everything.:) Is the pic of Miles in a diaper a cloth diaper? We are wanting to make the full on switch (we have some cloth diapers), but I just haven't had the courage just yet. Miss you and love you, girl!

masons said...

hey alison,
no, the diaper that MIles has on is 7th generation. You can get them at Babies R Us and most health food stores, they work good and they are chlorine free? I don't know I think they are a little better for the environment but they are still going into a massive land field somewhere. I really am interested in the cloth diapers too. There are a lot of mammas around here that use them and love them! I might switch too, but it's expensive to get started with them because you have to buy a lot!