Friday, August 07, 2009

Finally something new!

Hello friends and family,
I am so sorry that this blog has been so neglected lately... you can imagine why! I finally feel like life is a little back to normal and things are starting to slow down a little. We have had such a fun summer! Corey just returned from a 2 week trip to Alaska. He was working up there for his old boss in Anchorage. We missed him a lot but somehow managed without him. My mom and dad were here to help so that made the load a lot easier. Both Salem and Miles are growing like weeds, literally! Miles is talking up a storm which is a lot of fun even though his favorite word is NO! I think someday soon he will learn that he doesn't have to say NO to everything! Salem is almost 2 mo. old and is already weighing in at 11 pounds! He is a bruiser and quite a cute bruiser indeed! He is starting to coo and smile which makes motherhood so worth it! Well, Salem will officially be 2 mo. old this coming week so I will post his official stats once we have his checkup! For now I will leave you with pics! Cheers!


Sherian said...

What adorable pics. They are growing so much. I miss those boys. Enjoy them, they grow up fast.

Love ya, At. Shaney

Kristin said...

You have some good looking sons. Miss you guys.

LaurenZ said...

Love that little cap on Salem! They are precious. Hope you guys are doing well.

Sokolash Family said...

Ok.. they are SO cute. I am definitely going to have to make it there in October! I love Salem's big eyes, so precious!
Love & Miss ya'll!

Jesse and Dori said...

I am so glad you posted new pictures! I am glad to hear that you feel more back to normal. The pictures of your boys are so adorable, I love Miles' curls! and Salem's little smile!
miss ya,