Monday, April 27, 2009

Our day

Miles and I had a fun day today! I finally got some batteries for the camera so I could upload some pics! I have to admit I'm getting a little tired of blogging. It's getting pretty boring, so who knows how much longer I will keep it up. Maybe the new little one will give me motivation here in about a month and a half....Anyways, back to our day, it was gorgeous here in Asheville. We ate breakfast and lunch out on our back deck. Thank goodness for that little back deck, Miles loves to play out there, and that's where he always goes while I'm cooking dinner. It's pretty convenient. After lunch we went over to our friends for a little playdate. We tried out the baby pool, but all Miles wanted to do was throw leaves and sand in the pool. He has quite a mind of his own. Here are some pics from our fun-filled day.

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Sherian said...

That's my sweet boy!!!! I know he loved having a picnic on the deck. Shelley you are a good Mom.

Love you, At Shaney