Sunday, January 25, 2009

In Bed with The Virus

We've all been sick this weekend. not fun! But it's given me some time to lay in bed and play with the video camera that we got for Christmas. Here's something fun I put together.
P.S. if you want you can click on the video twice and it will take you to the Youtube video where you can click on 'watch in high quality' at the lower right... it will look a lot better.


Sherian said...

This is so awesome. This video made my day. I think you might have a drummer!!!!

Love ya, At. Shaney

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

That was a wonderful video. What fun to see Miles in action. He is so precious! Enjoyed seeing you at Sherian's. Hope you feel better
soon. Love & blessings! Melinda

Deanna said...

adorable! so happy for the masons - love, d

Kristin said...

Great Video! Thanks for sharing.

BryanR said...

Yes corey, you are right, there are no excuses for a pink pacie. Thanks for the accountability. See, we can have a meaningful friendship even from 3000 miles away over the internet.

This video of yours is really cool...I like the music. You are raising the bar for sure for baby home videos!

Things in Tahoe are ... pretty much the same. We are thinking about moving but usually never get passed the thinking part. :-)

You guys are back in nc with a baby on the way...awesome. Hope all is well.