Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Our weekend recap

We had a great 3 day weekend! It went by pretty fast, but it was a lot of fun. On Saturday we worked on the house for most of the day. Corey got the porch primed and we went and bought paint for our house. We finally decided on colors and are really happy with them. Corey also got a little baby proofing done.

We had a party to go to on Saturday night for one of Corey's co-workers who is moving to Phoenix. That was a lot of fun to get together and let Miles play with some other kids! Here are 2 pics from the party...

On Sunday we worked on the porch some more getting the fan hung and doing other little projects. The porch is really starting to take shape! Here's a pic, it's almost finished!

On Sunday night we went over to our friends house for dinner. We had a wonderful meal which consisted of hamburgers, made from local grass fed beef, some really good cole slaw that I made from local organic cabbage and local tomato, we also had baked beans and homeade chocolate ice cream. It was such a good meal... we even had homeade buns that one of Laura's friends made. The buns were amazing. Here is a picture of the coleslaw I made. It was true southern, vinegar slaw!

Miles was so worn out from the weekend! On Sunday night we put him to sleep in our friends pack and play so that we could stay and hang out a little later than usual. He feel asleep at their house around 8:30. We got him up to take him home around 10, and he didn't wake up. We got home and put him in his crib and he slept until around 8 AM!!!!! He's never slept that long! I think he was a little worn out. We were worn out too. We decided since we had spent most of our weekend doing projects around the house that on Monday we would get out and do something outside. So Monday we went berry picking at Black Balsam. It's a really neat spot right off the Blue Ridge Parkway about 30 miles from Asheville. It was really cloudy and foggy but it was amazing to get out and be in nature! Miles was a trooper! We were determined to get outside even if it meant being wet! Here are some pics from our day trip!

We rigged up the umbrealla so MIles would stay dry. It was too funny! Here I am drinking from a tap of natural spring water! The water was amazing.

We had to put Corey's vest on Miles because he was getting a little chilly. It was too cute! The hike to pick berries was so much fun. We didn't get to pick as many berries as we had hoped because it was a little rainy and Miles was exhausted! But we had such a good time making memories. I have more pictures to post from our adventures but I will do another post, because this one is getting way too long!! Cheers!


Carl said...

Great job on the front porch. It is fabulous! It makes your home look alot better. Keep up the good work!!
Great job on the cold slaw too. I am ready to eat. You guys are keeping us well informed of what is going on! Keep it up!

masons said...

thanks Carl for the comments! Gotta love it!! I wish you were here to eat some cole slaw and sit on our front porch!!

bob swan said...

You know you're southern when you start posting pictures of cole slaw on your blog! Where's the sweet tea?