Thursday, May 22, 2008

birthday duvet

This picture is about a month old but I wanted to show everyone the duvet cover that Corey gave me for my birthday. I had no idea that Corey would surprise me with this duvet. This was about the only thing I told him that I wanted for my birthday but I knew I wasn't getting it because it was too hard for him to pick out on this own. Well, he did good and got me this one from this really neat store downtown called "Nest". They specialize in organic housewares and kids clothes. I usually have to stay out because I want to buy Miles everything! Anyways, I know this is a little late, but here is a picture of Miles laying on our new duvet!

1 comment:

aunt shaney said...

Mile, you are sooooooooo cute!!
I love your smile.

See you soon. At. Shaney