Wednesday, April 09, 2008

family fun

Yesterday my grandmother, Mama Swan, and my cousin Patrick came up for the day. It was so much fun to catch up with Patrick and to spend time with my grandmother. Of course they loved getting to see Miles! We drove around the town, went out for coffee and finished our day with an amazing steak dinner! (Thanks Mama Swan) !! Here are some pics of Miles with his great grandmother Swan and his 2nd cousin, Patrick. Thanks for coming to see us!


SwanneySkull said...

Google's awesome.

I had a blast yesterday and am completely impressed with that little guy you two made. I've been bragging all day. Also impressed with Asheville! I'm in the first steps of planning a trip with some friends so be prepared, if i come up there I'm defintitely gonna have to stop by to show Miles off. I won't bring by any girls i know though, so don't worry. don't think you guys are quite ready to be grandparents.


masons said...

glad you found the blog Patrick, and it was great to see you and hang out yesterday. Thanks for making the trip up! Hope you can come up again soon!