Sunday, March 16, 2008


I just wanted to share a couple of things that I've been pondering over the last few weeks. My thoughts have really been centered around these two written works...
This story I came across on J.D. blog. When I look at my life I can't help but identify with this story. So much of my life has been grasping for air, searching for what is the illusion of something great. Why is it so hard to recognize where we are? What is it about the very moment in time that so intrigues us away from the timeless thing that matters most, Jesus?

Such Beautiful Flowers, Such Deadly End
by Kendra

This weekend I helped a couple in our church pack their things and move to a new home. While I was polishing their silver, the wife excitedly came in from another room of the house with something to show. In her hand was the perfectly preserved, tiny body of a hummingbird. Its colors were beautiful, but I thought it a bit morbid at first. YET, she kept the bird as a reminder of the lesson God taught her when she found the live bird in her garage.

I must explain that the wife is an interior decorator. Her garage is a storehouse for floral and plant arrangements, decorating items, etc. Her beautiful floral arrangements are colorful and attractive, especially to a simplistic little hummingbird.

One day she found a hummingbird incessantly trying to nourish himself from the fake florals in her garage. As much as she tried to get him out, he would not give up hope that these "beauties" were the real deal.

A considerable amount of days later, the wife uncovered the poor little hummingbird's body while working in her garage. Convinced of his ability to find food in the fake flowers, the tiny little bird eventually died seeking it. To the wife, it was a reminder of her lust of the beautiful things of the world. Though not bad in themselves, they cannot nourish. Life is found in God through Christ.

When tempted to devote your energies to the fake flowers that attract you so strongly, but provide no nourishment - even promising death, consider the warning that this little bird gives. Life comes from the Life Giver alone. He sustains and nourishes our souls more than any worldly lust can.

Despite all the 'fake flowers' in my life this verse has really given me hope...
1 Peter 2:17
Honor all people.
Love the Brotherhood.
Fear God.
Honor the King.

Such an anthem. I just wanted to raise my fist when I read this verse. I love my New King James Bible because the translation is so poetic. I'm sure I've read this verse before but I have never been struck by it the way I have been lately. I'm the type of person that wants to summarize. I like to just get the one nugget and hold on to it. This is my nugget from God right now. It has been a blessing to just recite this verse as a chant.
Maybe this will bring some of you hope.
I pray for Honor.