Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wow, Miles!

Ok, I know I'm his dad but this kid is stinkin' cute.
I think he could be a model. I've been showing him off to everybody at work all morning. It's been a lot of fun. Having a kid really makes you feel how God must feel about his son, Jesus. So blessed, honored, proud.
Thanks to Kim for the great photos! Check out her blog here.
Enjoy the new pictures!


rushingray said...

Those are awesome. Miles does look like a model. Kim did a phenomenal job!

P & J Ragain said...

I got to hold him!!! Yaay! I am sure he and Will will be good buddies. Enjoy getting your family back today! It is hard for me though, getting to see my friend just reminds me of how much I miss her. We Ragains think pretty fondly of you Masons.

olivia and henry said...

these pictures are so beautiful!!! my goodness, those eyes are GORGEOUS! what a precious little guy! love seeing pics of momma also! ;) xoxoxo
(btw~ i LOVE the name Miles!!!!! i wish that we could use it one day...but it just wouldn't work! Miles Iles :(