Thursday, January 17, 2008

we love our friends Justin and Nicole!

This weekend we ventured out to Durham to visit some of our best friends, Justin and Nicole. This was our first true road trip since Miles was born. Durham is about a 4 hour drive from Asheville so we were a little hesitant with Miles. On the way there he did fabulous sleeping the whole trip. We had so much fun on Saturday getting to hang out and hit up some of our favorite spots! I was super excited because we got to go to Trader Joes, the place I miss most about Tahoe. We stocked up on all of our favorite things! Anyways, on Saturday night we decided we'd get all dolled up and try to go out for a nice dinner at South Point Mall. We planned on going to Maggiano's one of Justin and Nicole's favorite spots. Anyways, Miles was doing great, falling asleep on the way to dinner in his car seat of course. When we got to the mall he was asleep, but we decided to take him out of his car seat and put him in his stroller, big mistake! He immediately woke up and started looking around. He was already overtired from the day, because he had been up and moving most of the day. Anyways, we started strolling because I really wanted to go to The Gap. Once we were in the mall he started getting really fussy and couldn't calm down. Corey and Justin had already gone to Maggiano's to get a table so we were going to do a little shopping and then meet them for dinner. Well, things just kept getting worse and Mile's was getting more and more over stimulated. We decided to go to the restaurant and maybe he would fall asleep on the way? Ahh no, he was out of control. I was standing outside the restaurant trying to calm him down. It wasn't working. Corey was trying to save the table while Justin ran to the car to get Mile's car seat. Maybe rocking him in the car seat would do the trick. No, this didn't work either. I found a couch where I attempted to feed him, but this still didn't work. All this to say we ended up having to get our dinner to go. What a stressful night. So much for our nice night out. On the way home of course Mile's fell asleep, so Nicole and I did get to get a treat at Starbucks. It was crazy, and I don't handle these kind of situations very calmly. We got home and Miles immediately woke up, so it was on to trying to soothe him and get him to fall asleep. Miles we love you buddy but this was one stressful night. Definitely some good birth control for Justin and Nicole! I ended up falling asleep around 9 after getting Miles to sleep. All in all it was a wonderful weekend and always a blessing to get to hang out with Justin and Nicole. We love our friends. Thanks for being so patient with us J&N. You guys are the best.


Life in Pictures said...

oh man. that sounds painfully familiar. And you are sure that everyone is looking at you wondering why you can't calm your baby down. maybe maggiano's wasn't miles "style".

khunton said...

that has happened to all of us! It gets so much easier and you get so much better at handling these situations...(or maybe you just get better at tuning it out??)