Monday, January 07, 2008


Today has been such a great day. I wouldn't have expected it to be this good, because I was up a lot last night with Miles. We decided this weekend to put the port-a-crib away and start putting Miles in his crib. This is really hard for me because I just don't feel as close to him. Of course Corey thinks I'm over protective! Anyways, last night he did good starting his sleep at 6:30. He slept from 6:30-11:30 which was great, however this was his one long stretch and I didn't go to bed until 9:30, so I got 2 hours of sleep before he was up again. He woke at 11:30 to eat and then he quickly went back to sleep at 12. He then woke again at 2 and 4. It was a little hard, but I'm really wanting him to be in his crib, so I'm going to stick with it. Anyways, as you can see I had a rough night but today has been wonderful. Miles has been great. We started the day with some play time and a bath. Then we took a walk to the local market in our neighborhood, Greenlife. It is my favorite place in town. I love going there to get treats and coffee. After going to Greenlife we continued to walk for another hour. We walked to the local park where I let Lucy play fetch. Lucy was very excited to get out of the house. All this to say we've had a very fun and productive day. It's beautiful here today, the high was 67 which is perfect strolling weather. I have on shorts and a t-shirt which is fun! It feels like spring. Anyways, that's all for now. I hear Miles crying in his room, he must need his pacifier!

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khunton said...

You are doing great! I know it's a tough job! I'll talk to Stephen tonight about the trip, but l'll call you tomorrow so we can chat real time. xoxo