Friday, January 04, 2008

Living Well

Thought this was a good nugget for starting the new year.

What do Bible stories tell us about living this human life well, living it totally? Primarily and mostly they tell us that it means dealing with God. It means dealing with a lot of other things as well: danger and parents and enemies and friends and lovers and children and wives and pride and humiliation and... sickness and death and sexuality... and fear and peace- to say nothing of diapers... and breakfast and traffic jams and clogged drainpipes and bounced checks. But always, at the forefront and in the background of circumstances, events, and people, it's God.

This was the reading in my new daily reading book I got for Christmas. It's called God's Message For Each Day, by Eugene Peterson. Good stuff.


olivia and henry said...

shelley!!!! i'm SO thrilled to see you on here!!! yay!!! and your precious miles is BEAUTIFUL!! congratulations to you and corey. what a beautiful blessing. i loved reading about the day he was born. you are an amazing momma!
love you and miss you!

khunton said...

Loved your picture this your backyard? We would love to visit in Feb! Just pick a weekend!