Friday, January 18, 2008

The business of being born

I just got back from viewing the above film, The business of being born. What an interesting documentary about birth in our country. Being such an advocate for natural birth, this film resonated deep within me! Giving birth to Miles was the most empowering thing that I have ever done and I encourage everyone out there to investigate your options when it comes to birth. This film really opens your eyes to the way birth is done in the U.S. and it's quite scary. Anyways, just wanted to give a plug for this film. If you are considering having a natural birth or want more info you should go see this movie. It's well worth the time!

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the_wells said...

thanks for the post = i have been meaning to get this! I saw ricki lake on some talk shows talking about it - and think its great that she's getting this info out there!!!

olivia and henry said...

i just saw ricki on larry king live! sounds like a really great documentary!

Eden Photography said...

soooo, dru got me turned onto your blog. :) how fun. i wanted to see this doc. really bad but never got the chance, do you know where i can see it now?

you all are such a cute family!!!!!! Asher